Praise for "Brand Advocates, Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force"  

Ignite your Advocates! Fuggetta shows you how.
— Scott Monty
Former head of social media, Ford
Inspiring Advocates is one of Method’s seven obsessions. Get this book and be inspired!
— Eric Ryan
Co-founder Method
Creating and amplifying authentic Advocates should be front and center on every marketer’s agenda. This book is a blueprint for how to turn genuine Advocates into a powerful marketing force.
— Susan Helstab
Executive Vice President Marketing, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Advocacy is the ultimate goal for every brand. And Rob Fuggetta has given us the ultimate guidebook to brand advocacy. Simple, clear, and filled with practical advice, this book shows you how to turn your enthusiastic customers into a powerful Brand Army.
— Porter Gale
Former VP of marketing, Virgin America Airlines
In an era of connected consumerism, advocacy puts the word in word of mouth. Nothing is more authentic or effective. This book shows you exactly how to find and engage your Advocates.
— Brian Solis
Author of End of Business as Usual & Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group
Fuggetta’s equation for building great brands in the social media age is proven and powerful. Every hotel marketer should read this book.
— Chip Conley
Founder, Joie De Vivre Hospitality and author, “Emotional Equations.”
Companies aren’t trusted, brands aren’t trusted, and nor are your executives. People trust each other, and now they have the tools to communicate with each other using social technologies and mobile with or without brands involved. As a result, trust has shifted to the participants. Many brands, knowing their credibility has diminished, rely on advocacy programs where trusted members of the community are given a platform and encouraged to speak. Fuggetta shows you exactly how to create an advocacy program that empowers your trusted Advocates.
— Jeremiah Owyang
Founder, Crowd Companies
In this ever connected world that we live in the rise and importance of the Brand Advocate has never been greater. This book should be a staple of ever marketer’s library going forward.
— Paul Dunay
CMO Networked Insights, and co-author Facebook Marketing for Dummies
Empowering your Advocates to tell your story and help sell your products is a game-changing marketing approach. I’m an advocate for advocacy, and for this brilliant book.
— Erin Hintz
CMO, Urban Airship
We are hearing so much now about social media creating a shift from ‘the wisdom of crowds’ to ‘the wisdom of friends,’ but what does that really mean for brand advocacy? A lot. It’s this ‘wisdom of friends’ that brings a new “social power” to brand advocacy, and Rob Fuggetta is leading the charge in showing us how to activate and energize their power.
— Ted Rubin
Social Marketing Strategist
Turning customers into Advocates is how brands like Disney and Harley-Davidson succeeded decades before the advent of the Web, but now, social media has given both fans and detractors a louder voice. Today, you can’t out-market your detractors, and you cannot build a brand without advocates. Fuggetta gives practical guidance on how to authentically find, create and unleash brand advocates.
— Augie Ray
Former social media analyst, Forrester Research, Inc.
Advocacy drove success for, Success Factors, and other breakthrough companies. The next big winners in software as a service or any industry are companies that create and mobilize Advocates. Every entrepreneur should read this book and put its powerful lessons to work.
— Gordon Ritter
Founder and general partner, Emergence Capital Partners
Marketing messages don’t drive buying decisions; people do. Rob Fuggetta makes a powerful case for investing in Brand Advocates as your most important competitive asset.
— Paul Gillin
Author, The New Influencers and Social Marketing to the Business Customer
Advocacy is at the top of the agenda for nearly every CMO. If you’re a CMO (or aspire to become one), Fuggetta’s book is a must-read.
— Pete Krainik
Founder, CMO Club
A must-read for anyone looking to drive sales through social media. This book shows you how to truly leverage Brand Advocates to turn “likes” into leads. Highly recommended!
— Avi Savar
Founder & chief creative officer of social media agency Big Fuel
Advocacy, even on a small scale, can deliver viable business value. But to get business results from advocacy, organizations must listen to, activate, and empower their Advocates. This excellent book shows you how.
— Michael Brito
Head of Social Strategy, WCG, and published author
Forget about the loud-mouthed social media ‘influencers”; the only influence that matters are your customer advocates. Nothing is more credible and authentic.
— Joseph Jaffe
Author of "Flip the Funnel" and Partner, Evol8tion, LLC
Brand Advocates is a book every public relations professional should read. It’s the definitive guide to authentic advocacy.
— Aedhmar Hynes
Chief Executive Officer, Text 100 Public Relations